Product Designing

Product designing is the process in which corrugated boxes evaluation will be done on the basis of capability of how it protect the contents, how its structural strength, how it appears , how much it is user-friendly, and finally its cost effectiveness. As per functional aspects of corrugated box, product has to be design efficiently perform the functions for which it has been implemented.

A Box should be well implemented to face any type of traumas that will be faced during journey from Factory to consumer. If other boxes load in stack on top of it in godown, then it should be strong enough to handle. We always Design user friendly that should minimize the mishandling chances. The main thing which strike the customer is its aesthetics of the box. The Graphics combined with good geometry generates the good aesthetics.

Logistics & Delivery

As we seen the increasing popularity of e-commerce and online retail stores in the country, Logistics & Delivery has vital demand for delivering goods from one remote place to another remote place of country with in limited time frame. While, we provide logistics facility customer also requires for reverse logistics also. We Provide Logistic Facility to our customer at their door steps.

Digital Services

Ideal package Inc. is digital services agency. Now a days businesses are facing lots of challenges to earn profits. Profit at the end come from sales and sales comes from marketing. As per requirement of user here comes the era of marketing. Although it also has own set of problems. To enhance your business the best way is to include digital marketing services. Website development, Local SEO or SEO and SMM. To grab the potential leads a website has to look good to hold and attract the consumer. So, If you are looking for several lead generation to business with digital marketing, then you must Choose our company to boost your Lead Generation & Business Growth.

Product Branding

Graphics is basically depends upon brand’s Design and motives and show how it looks on box. The Design concepts needs to attract the attention of a customer, should also provide information about the product. That doesn’t matter at all how ‘out there’ your custom product packaging may be, it needs to demonstrate our purpose and that is keeping your product secure. The best place to get an idea of what’s actually achievable is to look at your competitors.

We always try to use the standard packaging solutions of your industry as a foundation and find innovative for customers. Some other things that needs to be considered. Printer that is using for printing types. The packaging materials that fulfill users needs Durability and weight of your final product packaging
Technologies that we can add ons, like embossing, Hot stamping, UV finish etc.

We also provide the most extravagant packaging design ideas out there, but if your packaging bundles can’t actually be manufactured, it’ll stay with an idea. “Packaging Design is the connection of structure, its material, it’s color, it’s imagery, it’s content and typography information with ultimate design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.”

Quality Testing

Edge Crust Test (ECT):To resist the edge crush of products, The test performed daily for each manufactured type corrugated box.It is the one of the most important tests that needs to be performed because there is a direct correspondence between this rating and BCT (box compression test).Box Compression Test (BCT) : To resist the compression, the most important test for the finished products, that provides data which is regarding the ideal weight, it’s load and palletizing.Ring Crush Test (RCT) – A test that provides information regarding future resistance of the corrugated cardboard, considering the different types of plain layers paper used.Flat Crush of Corrugating Medium (FCT and CMT) – they are important for the resistance calculus of the flute itself (CMT) and of the flute in the final structure of the corrugated cardboard (FCT). They are useful to define the optimal conditions for boxes loading, transport, lateral perforation risk of packaging, especially when packing fragile products (furniture, glass, artwork, etc.)SCT (Short-Span Compression Test) – it is a test which determines the compressive strength of paper in compression mode.To Determine the humidity of paper and starch we use drying method which conducted by us in the lab’s drying closet, we done this by weighing and then evaluating the differences before and after drying the products.We also follow the same procedure to determine the dry substance content in starch glue.The right glue should be prepared to obtain a resistant and quality complaint corrugated cardboard.

Customized Solutions

Ideal Package Inc. provides printed brown corrugated box, which is developed according to customer’s requirements which follows the transportation and safety norms. We are coming with vast designs, their shapes, and closures. We are providing best in categories besides supplying across PAN India.Ideal Package Inc. has developed ecofriendly products with printed brown corrugated boxes. By which one can feel the comfortableness by knowing that packaging. We work with recycled material, made from a renewable or sustainable resource, and is recyclable, Biodegradable and reusable.The best part in Ideal Package Inc. is that we has in-house experts for ready to assist with a design Consultation Ideas, Their Printing, Co-packing of products, and distribution of products. That’s the main thing which able us to provide the unique combination of services makes sure the customer that it can customize and deliver the packaging with perfectness, whatever the occasion is.

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